Nicholas Joseph Linesch

March 19, 1985 – January 3, 2017

Nico engaged the world with a systematic curiosity and an unbridled enthusiasm for exploration. He demonstrated his passions for environmental engineering, the outdoors and spirituality early in his life. As a child his favorite toys were marbles running through long strips of flexible pipe insulation tubing. His favorite playgrounds were mountain trails and his favorite playmates were his Linesch and Greenspoon cousins, particularly in the Californian and Canadian natural world.

As he grew he intertwined his interests in the wilderness, the environment, music and Judaism. His work was dedicated to a vision of sustained and healthy urban transportation systems. He was deeply moved by music; playing piano, singing and allowing tunes to touch his soul.

The niggun at this link was written in Nico’s memory. He loved these wordless tunes that spirited him. Please think of him as you listen. His explorations into the Jewish tradition led him to a deep practice of reflection. He was a proud and exuberant member of LGBTQ communities, particularly those that overlapped with his passions for the outdoors and Judaism.

Nico attended Wonderland Avenue Elementary School, LACES middle school and the Hamilton Academy of Music. He received a B.Sc. in applied mathematics and a M.A. in civil engineering from the University of California, Davis. He worked for the City of San Francisco, the State of California and most recently as a Transportation Planner at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Nico had his Bar Mitzvah and was confirmed at Temple Israel of Hollywood.

He was a tender son/grandson, a compassionate brother, a loving partner and a best friend to many. Everyone who met him was moved by his smile and his genuine efforts to know and engage them. His untimely death has temporarily extinguished a light that we need to rekindle by sharing our memories of the way he touched us.

Just before he died he submitted a paper on which he had been working with his dear mentors, Neil Maizlish and James Woodcock.  We have just learned that it has been published and is available as a free download, dedicated to Nico’s memory.  You can access it here: HealthGHGCobenefits_JTH2017

We have created a fund https://nicolineschlegacy.jewishfoundationla.org/ where donations can be made in Nico’s memory. The funds will support scholarships http://www.sustainabilitycoalition.org/about/for graduate students who are carrying his passions, vision and legacy forward.

זיכרונו לברכה

Zichrono livracha

May his memory be a blessing.